The GMC Denali’s Towing Capacity

April 11th, 2023 by

If you’re looking to buy a pickup truck, you’ll probably want to do some towing with it. The GMC Denali is a hard-working truck that has the capability you need to get the job done. Find out more about the towing capacity of the GMC Denali before you buy.

Understanding Towing Capacity

Towing capacity is the maximum amount of weight the vehicle can tow behind it. It may be an RV or trailer, or even another vehicle that must be towed. Trucks have various towing limits based on their design.

GMC Denali Towing Capacity

When properly equipped, the GMC Denali towing capacity is 7,100 pounds. This includes the weight of the vehicle, passengers, and additional equipment. The maximum GCWR is 15,000 pounds, which includes the trailer and equipment. This model beats out other trucks like the Toyota Tundra, which varies from just over 6,000 pounds to around 10,000 pounds for a max tow rating.

Factors that Affect Towing Capacity

Numerous factors affect the towing capacity of a vehicle like the GMC Sierra Denali. The weight of the vehicle must be figured in along with how it is constructed, such as with a steel frame. The size of the engine also plays a role in determining towing capacity.

The amount of weight the truck is already carrying directly impacts how much it can tow at any one time. If you have three or four passengers and the bed loaded with equipment, the truck’s towing capacity will go down from what it could do with just one passenger and an empty bed.

Tips for Safe Towing

To tow safely with your GMC Sierra Denali, you’ll want to make sure not to overload the vehicle. Calculate any additional weight in the form of extra passengers and equipment before you load up. Make sure you know how much the trailer or RV weighs and that it comes in under the maximum amount.

Consider adding additional accessories to make towing safer. For instance, trailer tow mirrors allow you to see around your trailer. GMC also provides towing cameras to help you line up and connect to the trailer. You can also view the road behind you without the trailer being in the way with a digital view.

Some type of trailer sway control can help prevent the trailer from swinging from side to side as you drive. Also, consider the type of hitch you use and ensure it’s adequate for your load.

Importance of Regularly Maintaining Your Towing Vehicle and Trailer

To stay safe while towing, you should maintain both the truck and trailer. Have the oil and filters changed regularly because towing puts more work on the engine. Keep tires on the truck and trailer inflated at the correct pressure, which will help the truck pull the trailer easier.

You can have your vehicle inspected by the service team at Bentley Buick GMC. Schedule service online or call for an appointment to keep your GMC Sierra Denali towing safely.

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